All of our spa treatments are enhanced by the use of non-toxic polishes, non-toxic polish removers, organic scrubs, organic lotions, and essential oils which are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalate. Also incorporated into our services is the use of fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits. Our pedicure station bowls are a one time use and 100% sterile giving you a piece of mind. 

Acrylic nails had their time and place in our world, but those times have passed. Countless studies have shown just how dangerous this practice is for the client’s health and the tech’s health. We are committed to providing a safe and sanitary atmosphere. Acrylic nails will never be a part of what we do.




Our basic express level service. Nails and cuticles are expertly trimmed, shaped, and finished with a light massage ( Himalayan and Epsom salt Soak included)





Invigorate your hands or feet in a warm organic peppermint , vetiver and frankincense oil soak. Scrub away stress with our homemade himalayan salt scrub and enjoy a firm massage. 



Treat your little princess to a pretty polish & mini massage with any one of our non-toxic polish choices while mommies and daddies enjoy any one of our many treatments.Includes our butler style Tea serving. A nontoxic organic bubble gum scented polish remover will be used if necessary)

HANDS & FEET $28.00


French Add on $10

Polish Change  $20


Looking to indulge? Below are our signature spa level services. Our ultra relaxing services includes an herbal warm neck pillow, essential oil or milk soak, luxurious exfoliating scrub, moisturizing mask with soothing warm towels, and a heavenly hydrating massage. We definitely agree,you deserve it.


CUCUMBER & MINT(Invigorate)

This invigorating manicure or pedicure combines a refreshing balance of cucumber slices and mint leaves, while a stimulating Grapefruit & Mint sugar scrub wears away the day's stressors. Then, allow us to wrap your hands or feet in a revitalizing Hot cucumber paraffin wax . Finish this experience by enjoying a Yoga Balm invigorating mini-massage. Service includes Green Tea Cucumber eye treatment for eye puffiness. 


Manicure 40 min $55.00 

Pedicure  50 min $75.00



MILK & HONEY (Relax)

Soak your hands or feet in a luxurious neroli oil and milk soak, with lavender and chamomile buds, followed by our homemade Coconut sugar scrub. Then sit back and relax as your hands or feet are treated to a callous removal treatment followed by a skin softening mask of honey & Papaya. Top off this experience with a soothing Manuka Honey and Peppermint cream hydration . This treatment is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Manicure 30 Min $40.00  

Pedicure 40 Min $60.00



Indulge yourself in our Royal Treatment. Hands and foot soak of milk and essential oils of Rose, Jasmine and Ylang  Ylang. Milk is rich in Lactic Acid which gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and supple whilst Rose Petals float on top of the water. A rose , honey ,and Ylang Ylang sugar and salt scrub that will remove dead skin, detoxify and moisturize all at the same time as we apply our Hot cucumber Paraffin Wax wrap  to leave skin super soft and polished to perfection. An invigorating Reflexology session to the hands and/or feet will leave you in a state of bliss. 


Manicure 45 minutes $85 (includes paraffin)

Pedicure 65 minutes $105 (includes paraffin)

Manicure and Pedicure 80 minutes combo (shortened reflexology session)