Out of respect to our therapist's valuable time, Any changes or cancellations must be informed at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged to the card on reservation.

Groups of 2 or more must inform any changes or cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

We understand emergencies arise, in the case of an emergency we waive the fee if we can find new appointments to reserve in place of the appointments cancelled.



Please do not bring your goodies to the spa. Foot Haven shall not be liable for ANY loss of personal items even if stored in our lockers or baskets. If you have any specific concerns or questions you must bring it to the attention of the staff.


Did you have too much to drink? If you can't keep it together, we must decline your service.  For the safety of our staff and service providers, drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated and service may still be charged to the card on file.


Gift cards are a way of showing some major love to a friend, family member or even that special someone, however one must present gift card or gift certificate at check in. Lost cards will not be honored so keep those cards in a safe place!

Gratuities are NOT allowed on gift cards we apologize for the inconvenience, they are more than welcome to use their balance in any combination of services provided.  



All sales are final. 




Gratuities are at the customers discretion and greatly appreciated. We only accept cash gratuities as of Sept 1st 2016. Recommended gratuities are around 20 to 30% of the service cost on reflexology services and 20% on massage services. Gratuities are NOT allowed on gift cards as well 


Loyalty cards have been phased out and our system will hold a loyalty point tracker instead and it is  to treat our customers as a little thank you. Once given to the customer, it is the customer's responsibility to bring the card every time they attend. we will no longer back track missed punches on cards or lost cards. Any lost cards will result in a new card and past punches will not be honored. Keeps those treasures safe!

Punches on your loyalty are only honored for paying service days and purchase of gift cards not days when redeeming gift cards.

Free service includes a 55 minute Reflexology session.


The Spa reserves the right to stop loyalty services without notice .